I would like to introduce myself. I am Debra Bartz, Holistic Health Coach. 

I have learned, conquered and have been soaring since I took my present and past life challenges and turned my life's journey inward to bring out my best possible positive attributes to serve others in their personal challenges. I take on challenges with women going into perimenopause and menopause with sudden hormonal changes, gluten-free diet choices due to my own allergic response to gluten and menopause overnight which may have triggered an auto-immune disease called psoriasis.  Personal ups and downs which led me to tirelessly research every book I could to find some answers. With no available "cure," I looked at the patterns of my own personal behavior patterns and found out how to manage my own health challenges while still traveling the globe.

I would like for YOU to work with me on your life's path no matter what condition you are in. If I can assist you in your personal challenges, it will help you in not only your life, but all of the people connected to you by LEARNing what brought you to your challenges, CONQUERing the body's changes to a more manageable form, and to you SOARing to new heights in your newfound energy.

Who are you? What can you turn into? Be your own person! Just try. There is no such thing as FEAR! What fear means is False Evidence Appears Real (to coin Tony Robbins verbiage).
Join me today on a journey to discover your inner being to a newer you!

Peace and Hugs,

Debra Bartz, Health Coach (HC)

Board Certified Health Practitioner (BCHP)